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Tennessee GIS Stakeholder Regional Forum Registration

The Tennessee Geographic Information Council and the State, Office for Information Resources, GIS Services (OIR- GIS) invite you to take part in the state’s development of a business plan for statewide enhanced elevation data. For some background on this effort, see: [Project Spotlight: Statewide LiDAR/Elevation Business Plan Development.]

In the last two weeks of August, there will be five regional stakeholder forums to solicit public input on the needs for enhanced elevation data around the state. Base mapping has high value in Tennessee and the goal of this planning process is to examine the business case for developing and distributing current, high resolution elevation data to support applications such as flood plain management, land development, and a multitude of other activities that require better terrain data than is available currently through USGS or other sources. The forums will include an educational component on the most efficient and cost effective methods for developing enhanced elevation data, including LiDAR technology. As someone who uses elevation data, or a decision maker who depends on current and accurate information, your input on the need and uses for enhanced elevation data will help us determine the best approach to move forward.


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